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Description:* 3 cylinder diesel engine, 20KM* Differential Lock* 4-wheel drive (detachable)* Strong linkage 3-point* Power PTO shaft 4 speeds* Efficient hydraulic pump* 3 speed + for every 3 forward gears + 1 reverse

As a direct, experienced importer of used Japanese mini traktorków:* We offer fully functional equipment that goes with us a thorough technical review* each traktorku exchanged filters, oils, bearings, simmerings, steering tie rods, seat, tires - very good quality,* Metal components are sandblasted, primed and painted with acrylic.* we offer 12 month written warranty on the tractor,* spend a declaration of conformity, we have instructions to safely operate, which can serve as "DTR" in Polish,* provide instant access to original spare parts,* Mini traktorków we service and professional technical advice.* We offer hire purchase or leasing* We also have our own transport on Polish territory and Europe.

On request, we assemble:- Front-end loader- Cabin- Plow snow- Lawnmower addition, sweeper, etc ...Information call: 71 319 02 82 or 530 683 775


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